Life energy flows through all of us and is known all over the world by different names. Ayurvedic practicioners call it prana. Acupuncturists call it chi/qi. Reiki masters call it ki. Our energy is influences by our thoughts – happy and confident thoughts make us feel light, fearful and worrisome thoughts make us feel heavy – this energy stays in our bodies if we don’t release it. Negative energy may contribute to restrictions, tension, pain, and disease.

I work with your body to identify where your energy is stuck and release it so you can feel better and move forward.


If you’ve gotten a massage and your tension returns as soon as the next day, then that’s an indication that energy work will help. If you’ve been feeling sluggish, cloudy or not yourself, then that’s also an indication that energy work will help. Energy in your body can be the result of trauma, stress, emotions or other’s people energies. I blend energy work into my technique so that you get a well rounded session. Typically my clients leave feeling lighter and refreshed.