Miinkay Yu

Bodyworker and Coach.

I help you feel better in body and mind.

More About Miinkay

After working 8 years in consulting and project management, Miinkay left to pursue a career in wellness. As a bodyworker she helps people with their pain, and as a coach she helps people move through transitions. She started two podcasts: What’s You’re Calling? to help people navigate career changes, and Meditate with Miinkay to teach and spread the benefits of meditation.

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Listen to Meditate with Miinkay

Mediate with Miinkay brings you short, easy meditations that anyone can add to their daily lives.

Listen to Meditate with Miinkay

Miinkay teaches you that meditation is all about being more present. Each week she brings you short, easy meditations you can fit into your everyday life.

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