Miinkay Yu

Bodyworker and Coach.

I help you feel better in body and mind.

More About Miinkay

After working 8 years in consulting and project management, Miinkay left to pursue a career in wellness. As a bodyworker she helps people with their pain, and as a coach she helps people move through transitions. She started two podcasts: What’s You’re Calling? to help people navigate career changes, and Meditate with Miinkay to teach and spread the benefits of meditation.

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Listen to Meditate with Miinkay

Mediate with Miinkay brings you short, easy meditations that anyone can add to their daily lives.

Listen to Meditate with Miinkay

Miinkay teaches you that meditation is all about being more present. Each week she brings you short, easy meditations you can fit into your everyday life.

What are people saying?


Moving Past Obstacles to Find the Right Path with Coaching

I think my calling for now is to reconnect with nature mostly for myself and then also to help my family too.

I feel so happy to have found you and your offerings, it makes me want to cry happy! I feel confident that I’ll keep on finding my way. You’re my guide and my best friend all in one. I love love love your podcasts. It makes me feel connected and supported and not alone and it’s things I really need to hear. I listen every Tuesday when I drive to and from work.

I think I’ve been even happier the last few months since we last spoke on the phone. I think just understanding why my energy feels drained sometimes helps to manage expectations and you motivated me to find ways to make the current situation work better for me. With you in my corner, I also have even more confidence that I’m on the right path.

Wow I feel so lucky that you have the insight I was looking for so that I could put things in perspective and give me a clear vision.

Pattie L.

The Importance of Intuition

Coach Miinkay has stepped up to help teach the importance of listening to your inner voice and trusting that wisdom. It is so easy to second guess ourselves, but this podcast helps so much in teaching you how to tune-in to yourself and tune-out the doubt.

From Apple Podcasts - Jeeorge15
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This was exactly what my body and soul needed. Miinkay’s skill as a masseuse is fantastic and her ability to read what your body is saying is spot on. I highly recommend her.

On Bodywork - DeBorah G.

I love Miinkay’s holistic and intuitive approach to scanning my body and locating the areas that need attention. I always leave feeling much better than when I came in.

On Bodywork - Gabrielle R.

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