Miinkay Yu

Bodyworker and Coach.

I help you feel better in body and mind.

More About Miinkay

After working 8 years in consulting and project management, Miinkay left to pursue a career in wellness. As a bodyworker she helps people with their pain, and as a coach she helps people move through transitions. She started two podcasts: What’s You’re Calling? to help people navigate career changes, and Meditate with Miinkay to teach and spread the benefits of meditation.

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Listen to Meditate with Miinkay

Mediate with Miinkay brings you short, easy meditations that anyone can add to their daily lives.

Listen to Meditate with Miinkay

Miinkay teaches you that meditation is all about being more present. Each week she brings you short, easy meditations you can fit into your everyday life.

What are people saying?

Bodywork Clients

Miinkay is unlike any massage therapist I have ever met. Her work is life changing and difficult to explain. She is very good at her job and is very professional.

Kelly K.

Miinkay was amazing! She’s very strong when she needs to be interspersed with very subtle yet powerful touches. I truly felt like a new person when I walked out. Miinkay is also very knowledgeable about stress and how it effects our bodies. She’s gentle, warm & kind and her personality makes for a very relaxing & pleasurable experience. I’ll be Back, for sure!

Missy G.

Miinkay used incredible skill at finding all of the knots/tension points in my shoulders and neck. Then she broke those spots down with great skill while making sure I was still comfortable. The ambiance and table were also excellent and led to a very relaxing environment. Could not recommend more!

David L.

I highly recommend Miinkay. She is so sweet and helped me a lot in just one season. It’s hard to find a good massage therapist and I am so thankful I found her. She really cares about her clients and helping them feel their best. She is extremely professional and caring. I already booked my next appointment and I can’t wait to go back.

Jodi F.

Words don’t even begin to describe how great Miinkay is at her job! I dislocated and tore my ankle 7 years ago. I’ve been through extensive physical therapy twice and never felt completely healed. I’d still experience pain while performing my job of teaching dancing and exercising. Miinkay found the source of the issue, educated me on it, told me why I never healed, and gave me relief I never had! I’m so thankful for her! I cannot wait to see her again and really heal my injury once and for all! Miinkay is the BEST.

Madison G.

Miinkay is amazing. She helped unravel a pinched nerve in my should. By the time she was done, I had a better range of motion. I highly recommend her!!!

Nylda O.

Miinkay is a true professional and works real magic. I’ve had significant pain in my upper back, calves and left foot, but Miinkay made all that go away! I’m definitely coming back!

Arjay J.

Thank you, Miinkay! I loved the bodywork and energy work and appreciated all the time and consideration for helping me work through some difficult emotions. I truly enjoyed talking with you and look forward to my next massage!

Rebecca F.

This was a great experience. Miinkay takes the time to understand how you are feeling and the type of work that your body needs. Thank you Miinkay my body feels much better.

Erica W.

Miinkay is amazing, she address the area of your body which has problem with out causing you any pain. She made me so relax that I didn’t want to leave. I will definitely be back and I already told everyone I know they should go and see her.

Emma M

Miinkay has an amazing healing energy and she intuits what the body needs. She is insightful and lovely to work with.

Sharon F.

Coaching Clients

I feel so happy to have found you and your offerings, it makes me want to cry happy! I feel confident that I’ll keep on finding my way. You’re my guide and my best friend all in one. I love love love your podcasts. It makes me feel connected and supported and not alone and it’s things I really need to hear. I listen every Tuesday when I drive to and from work.

Wow I feel so lucky that you have the insight I was looking for so that I could put things in perspective and give me a clear vision.

Pattie L.

I appreciate your thoughtful probing of each of us to go deeper in understand ourselves and work relationships. You have a calmness that offers others to find clarity. Thanks for a great last few months!

Katie O.

I simply wanted to send a quick thank you for helping me with my issue earlier. It seems so simple, yet I had never thought about it.  Thanks so much for the care you put into running our sessions!


Thanks for sharing your vulnerability and your appreciation bank account ideas! I love it. I will erase my deficits and replace them with deposits of love. You can add this thank you to your account!! So grateful for you, Miinkay!

Gabrielle R.

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