Miinkay Yu

Bodyworker and Death Midwife

What is Bodywork?

I believe hands-on bodywork is the future of medicine. Bodywork, literally, is the manual mobilization of the body to relieve pain or discomfort and support recovery and healing. Physical Therapists are bodyworkers. Chiropractors are bodyworkers. Massage Therapists are bodyworkers. We are moving into an age where the gaps in modern medicine are showing up. Society is filling those gaps with holistic healers like acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and naturopaths. My dream is to see a world where all healing modalities are respected and understood for what they can do for people.

In my work, I’ve discovered many more healing modalities than massage and I make it my mission to study and bring them to my community. Because we deserve to heal with ease.

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More About Miinkay

After working 8 years in IT consulting and project management, Miinkay left to pursue a career in wellness. She loves working with her hands and being a support through the healing process. Miinkay has been praised for her gentle presence and extensive knowledge of the body and how it heals. As a bodyworker she helps you heal your pain, and as Death Midwife she supports you and your loved one through the dying process.

Listen to Meditate with Miinkay

Mediate with Miinkay brings you short, easy meditations that anyone can add to their daily lives.

Listen to Meditate with Miinkay

Miinkay teaches you that meditation is all about being more present. Each week she brings you short, easy meditations you can fit into your everyday life.

How to Book a Session with Miinkay

First time clients please reach out through text or phone call at (657) 243-3995.

Current Clients can schedule through the Massagebook Scheduler.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!