Growing up, I had very practical parents who wanted me to become an engineer. So I went to college and tried to be that person. But 3 months into an internship with Dow Chemical, I knew engineering wasn’t the path for me. As an alternative, I got a job as an IT Consultant with Accenture. While working there, I fumbled around, learning about the corporate world, learning how to be wise with my money and in between, I was asking myself – What do I want?

But after 8 years doing project management, all I knew was that I was unhappy. I didn’t wake up looking forward to work. Instead I struggled through the day, looking forward to the evening when I could do what I enjoyed. So I faced my biggest fear – losing the security of a job, and I quit. I had no plan or next steps. My next steps were to figure out what I wanted. 

Leaving that job was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done. Afterwards, I had deep anxiety about my future. I worried about where money was going to come from. I could hardly sleep, and when I did I would dream about failure. During the day I came close to panic attacks about making a bad decision. But most of all, I got depressed because I had lost my identity. Who was I if I wasn’t my job? And who did I want to be? 

As I learned how to be in this new normal, I would ask myself: What do I want? It’s such a simple question but at the time, it was hard for me to answer. I just didn’t know. I knew what I didn’t want. So I started there and began to rebuild my life. 

I wanted a career in wellness and helping people live better lives. Broad at first, I know but then I honed in on the details. One day, I was talking to a friend of mine about her massage practice, and she said to me, “Hey I think you’d be good at this.” That’s when the spark showed up. That risky spark that grabs your attention and lights up something deep inside. But I had never noticed that part of me…so I hesitated and did more research. The classes sounded interesting and I felt that small voice inside saying, “Do it, this is right.” Now, I had never gotten a massage nor tried getting bodywork, so this was a leap for me. But I jump off the edge and after the first class I was hooked. I love working with people to help them feel better, and I love helping them understand their bodies. 

As I started walking down this new path, a lot of my friends popped up to say, “I wish I was brave enough to quit my job too.” And immediately I felt a deep empathy for everyone who was going through what I went through. If I had someone to help me get through my transition, I would have been mentally healthier and happier. Then another spark showed up – I wanted to help people with their own career transitions. So I got a Life Coaching Certification with the Foundation for Holistic Life Coaching and I started career coaching. 

This journey has been anything but easy – starting new, sacrificing time and money when my friends were going on vacation or buying homes, it was hard to not compare myself and wish I had taken the safe route. But thanks to my teachers, friends, and family I’ve built my practice and am happier than I have ever been. 

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