Support at the End of Life

I have a client who is getting ready for their own death. She, like many, are dying a slow death from disease. I help her manage her pain and discomfort through bodywork. We talk about dying (not all the time, but sometimes). She’s planning her own funeral, down to the Barbara Streisand songs and the jade apple décor.

Working with her inspired me to become a Death Midwife, someone who walks with you in your dying process. I am comfortable with death and dying, and I’m not afraid to ask the hard questions, like, “What do you want your death to be like?”

Finding out that your person is dying is probably one of the worst things that can happen to you. So having support with all the details (the will, funeral or not, cremation or burial, etc) and also the sadness and frustration in between makes going through it, easier.

Ask me about:

  • Home Funeral Planning
  • How to talk with a dying loved one
  • Grief and why it sucks
  • Medical Aid in Dying
  • Referrals for all the legal stuff

Dying is not easy. But it has taught me to value my relationships more. And that forgiveness is the key to peace.

I am humbled to be invited into homes where a loved one is dying. Dying is a sacred time. Whether you need me for one hour or one year, I am available to you. Schedule a free 30 min call to talk to me about death and dying.