Our bodies are a reflection of the stress in our lives. When we worry about something, we subconsciously tense up – usually in our shoulders, neck and jaw. These frequent, momentary tensions add up to the toughness in our shoulders. If we store stress in our shoulders, then think about where else we might be storing stress. We could be subconsciously holding in our backs, hands, stomachs, etc. Fast forward three or four years of consistently building that tension, and we get pain. But as easily as we store tension, we can also let it go.

Pain never shows up out of nowhere. We are creating it ourselves, and until we can stop and address it, it will chip away at our bodies. Sometimes, if we don’t address the mental and/or emotional anguish, the physical symptoms will persist. Have you ever had an pain or tension that you just can’t massage or stretch out of your body? Do you have a trauma that persists in your body? These issues can be addressed and you can live without that pain if you’re ready to explore the mind-body connection.