Life is a journey and

you don’t have to do it alone.

Client Testimonial

“I feel confident that I’ll keep on finding my way.  I love love love your podcasts. It makes me feel connected and supported and not alone and it’s things I really need to hear. Wow I feel so lucky that you have the insight I was looking for so that I could put things in perspective and give me a clear vision.”

-Pattie L.

If you’re here, then you wanted to learn more about working with me. I coach in groups of 6-7 people with The Grand and one-on-one in my private practice. I specialize in helping people navigate their career. We work together to find your best solutions, and create personalized steps to help you get to your dream life.

I personally love both avenues (group and 1×1) but here are some differences to consider:

Group Coaching

  • Join a community of peers walking the same struggles
  • Multiple perspectives and experiences to learn from
  • Community support and access to a wider network

One-on-One Coaching

  • Individual attention and focus on your specific struggles
  • Personalized next steps and exercises for topics unique to you
  • Deeper dives into your obstacles for increased clarity

Still not sure what’s right for you in this moment? Then book a Free 30 min consultation with me and I can help you clarify.

Listen to the

What’s Your Calling? Podcast

Discover your passions and turn them into a career with Coach Miinkay. The key is to get in tune with your inner guidance and understand how you fit into the world.

Change starts with one step forward

I’ll support you with an unbiased perspective, patience, and genuine focus on what’s best for you. I’ll help you define healthy ideas of success and set up habits for long term happiness.

Don’t navigate your transition alone. Schedule a free 30 minutes with me. We’ll chat about you and your situation and see if working together will get you to your goals.

I started coaching for The Grand in 2021 and this was exactly what I was missing from life. You see, being a solopreneur can be lonely and tough. You question whether you’re making the best decisions for yourself and your future. And you have no one to help you through it.

The Grand is a company that brings people and coaches together to create community support around a shared life experience. For me it’s been a breath of fresh air and community that feels like home. 

If you’ve been looking to feel less alone, then join our community and get the support you need.