Career Coaching

Are you…

  • Ignoring untapped potential?
  • Forgetting what you do each day because it’s dull?
  • Waking up every weekday with dread?
  • Looking forward to leaving work, right after you get there?

I believe work shouldn’t feel like doing chores. What you do every day should get you excited the way a vacation gets you excited. I help people turn their careers into something they feel proud to talk about. Having been through my own career turnaround, I specialize in helping people find their passion through the power of intuition. I’ll teach you what intuition is, how it can help you and how I used it to find my passion. I’ll also be there to support you through the what-will-happen-to-me stress eating, I’m-not-good-enough worry, and what-if-I-fail tears. I’ve been through it. I got through. And so can you. 

Get Coached

1 hour Session: $85

3 Session Package: $210 ($45 Savings)

5 Session Package: $300 ($125 Savings)

*Pre-paid sessions must be used within a year from purchase date

For Each Private Session You Receive:

  • A Face to Face Zoom Session
  • Coaching Summary email, including next steps and main topics we discussed

What to Expect

During our session, we will talk about one main topic, explore what you need to get what you want and make a plan for achieving your goals. As your coach I will – call you out on what’s real, work with you to address obstacles, and empower you with confidence. I won’t – force you into advice you don’t want, ask you to do something that doesn’t fit your values, or judge you for any mistakes you make. What would your life be like, if you had unconditional and positive support?