Hello and WTF 2021?!

WHAT A FREAKIN WEEK. Lol. The start to my 2021 was pretty epic and memorable. I went to Red Rock National Park and got lost on the hike down in the dark. Don and I spent the night on the mountain because we got stuck on the way out. When the sun came up, the warmth and light was so welcome and literally led us out of the dark.

I hosted a test run of a new workshop I’m creating with my friend and coach Toi, which went great. Then congress got stormed and we saw more white privilege and bigotry. A friend of mine got hurt and needs surgery. LA went on further lock down. Other countries are opening up. It’s been kind of overwhelming and crazy. I don’t know what to think. But mostly I think that 2020 just followed me into 2021. To which I keep saying, “STOP. JUST STOP.”

Anyway I just had to put that down before I get to the real deal which is my life update.

2020 RECAP. Since I quite my old career, I’ve been trying to post regular life updates on where I am and what I’m doing since my exodus from the 9-5. Well Jan 2020 I registered my LLC and officially became a business owner. I got the bank account and one of those fancy business credit cards (ooOOOooh). Then I quit all but one of my contract positions so that I could finally focus on my own business. Being my own boss! I rented an office space to run my bodywork business and life was good. Don and I went to Japan for our very first international vacation together and when we came back we continued with a semi-permanent FORCED vacation LOL. Thanks COVID. If you missed it, I wrote about my COVID experience in this blog post. After I got past the grief of being forced not to work, I got busy building my online business – coaching.

Begin online business training montage ~ I bought some courses on how to build your email list, create online courses, hold successful webinars. Watched videos on how to make successful social media posts and how to blog well. Spent a few months researching the world of podcast creation and started my first podcast on August 10th. Created my second podcast in December. And having thoughts on a third….haha. Building an online presence and business is no joke. Its vacuous but also free. It’s sort of like life, you have to create your own little bubble of people that you vibe with.

While I was doing that, Don and I climbed outside as much as possible. We missed the gym and did a lot of home workouts. My YouTube consumption went WAY up but so did my learning. I had plenty of time to sit and read more books. Here are my favs:

Atomic Habits by James Clear (affiliate link, also cheapest I could find it)

The Universe Has Your Back by Gabby Bernstein (not affiliate link bc pls support the publisher)

Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod (not affiliate link, used book link)

I think it’s safe to say that I’m never going back to my old life. And that I’m only going to move forward with this one. It’s scary but also confidence building. As I learn more things and apply them, I imagine this is what I would’ve wanted university to feel like. Learning and applying, seeing my results and then editing them to be better. At times I wonder if anyone even sees the posts I make or the podcasts I upload, but then someone pops me a nice message and I get encouraged. Or someone shows up who needs my help, and I get inspired. And I keep putting one foot in front of the other.

I still am nowhere close to having a regular source of income other than a few loyal clients. But 2020 taught me not to care about money anymore. It’s something that I’d been trying and probably still try to control. But really, life has taught me that you just can’t.

Last year also stoked this other fire in me. My business and the wealth that I can create for myself will help me improve the world. Money can be a foundation for support and stability so when I can pour dollars into a cause I believe in, like black lives matter then I can be proud to do my part in ending the cycle of hate.

2021 Intentions. I hope to make 2021 a year of creating. Creating to help people. Creating to teach. Creating to improve people’s lives. I never thought of myself as creative until last year when my friend Philip said, “You ARE a creator. You created a podcast.” LOL and it just clicked.

I am officially 4.5 years post career quit and I think my hardest years are behind me. Somehow they flew by but are totally vivid in my memory. I am who I am today because of those years. And I know the next 4.5 will shape me even more.

Thank you to you who read my blog. I intend to keep this blog on my website authentic to me and whatever I want to write about. It is my outlet for emotion and thought and feeling. And I don’t know how to write any other way. I write for me, to express and emote and let go. And when I share, I ask you to be my witness nothing more. So thank you for being here.


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