Wow 2020

The universe has a funny way of directing you where it thinks you should go. In 2018 when I was looking for another job, the doors opened at a spa that I really wasn’t interested in – Burke Williams. In fact they called me a few times to recruit me and none of the other places were seeking me out. Nothing against Burke but I just thought it didn’t fit the way I wanted to practice my work. You have to go back to back – 50 minute sessions with no breaks in between and you’re limited in using only one modality at a time. I.E. if the client doesn’t pay for deep tissue, then I can’t use it. Anyway the universe opened that door for me and it turned out to be a place where I grew a lot. They run a tight ship really well and have excellent customer service plus respectful and high end clientele so it turned out to be a better experience than I was expecting.

I learned a lot there from knowing how I didn’t want to run my business to learning some professional ways to handle unruly clients. After a year, I was consistently booking a full schedule and getting more and more returns. So at that point I knew it was time for me to leave. Working there gave me the confidence I needed to go solo and jump into my private practice 100%. So right before COVID started I was ready to do that.

But then the universe released COVID and said – STOP. And I was left crying like a baby – “WHAT? WHYYYYY?” I thought this was my path. You led me to Burke, clients are calling me back. This is the next step, right? Nope. It told me to shut my doors and sit at home. After the initial shock and readjustment. (I spend a month or two playing video games and doing nothing in my depression). I realized that now was a good time to build on my coaching practice. Life is now online and so I had this skill that I could do online. So I guess that’s where I should go. Public speaking came up. Then podcasting, then creating a digital course. One online idea after another opened up to me. As I delve further into each one I am getting excited and gaining momentum as well as spirit. I regained the same excitement that I had for opening my own space back in March.

Redirection at its finest. This time I’m paying attention. I’m surrendering a little more and trusting that this is the path. In the beginning I had not idea and no hope. But today I’m hopeful and excited. Life is already better than it was before.

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