I Want

There have been a lot of Facebook articles and videos surfacing about saving the environment, sustainability, and the like, so I got inspired. At first I was going to write an environmentally friendly gift guide, then I felt like we shouldn’t even be buying more things. Then I thought about doing a lifestyle post – minimalist, environmentalist, spiritualist. But I don’t want to preach or tell you what to do with your life. And when I thought deeper, to the core of our actions, I realized our over consuming habits all come from – I Want.

I want this or that. I am looking for more clothes, this look or that new gadget. Everyone has something they’ve been wanting to buy or saving up for. Upgrades, new car, house in the future. I want. I want. I want.

I am never satisfied. Society has trained me to never be satisfied.

“Always strive for the best!” “You can be anything you want with hard work!” “Beauty is everything.” “Fit is the new skinny.” “Skinny is beautiful.”

And on, and on , and on…

No one ever taught me how to be satisfied. So I had to figure it out. But really that is the key to quelling the compulsion to spend our money on more and more objects.

First I had to understand that I am unsatisfied. Something in my life or something I believe is giving me unhappiness. And it drives me to want to buy things to give me reprieve. Buying something gives me a momentary joy – I find it after a long search – usually I stop and scour each Marshals or Ross or discount store that I drive by – I don’t like to buy anything full price. Then I purchase it, happy that I found something great on discount. I bring it home, unwrap it and set it up where I can look at it and enjoy the beauty of it. Don’t get me wrong, I am still enjoying the beauty of my purchase yet I every time I drive by another store…I stop.

Can I ever be in a place, where I don’t want anything? Where I am truly, completely satisfied with everything I have and do? I hope so.

I think being satisfied is about truly being present and seeing your reality. I have a roof over my head. Grocery stores everywhere with affordable food. I have people around me that love and support me. I have a job and money coming in. I have a lot of nice things. And when I live in these thoughts. I feel whole. I feel satisfied.

So in this season of wants and products and gifts, can you find satisfaction in your relationships? Can you find satisfaction in the things you already own and love? Can you find satisfaction in hobbies or activities? Can you make time for connection and quality time with your loved ones? Aren’t these things what touch us deeper anyway? Of course I often forget, so reminders always help.

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