I think compassion toward the self is sometimes an unknown thing, which is a shame. I grew up thinking that hard work was the way to go, and I ran myself into the ground. To me self-care means stopping to assess what is going on: the good and the bad. It means giving myself a break when I’ve worked 4 hours already. It means giving myself a day off even when I have more work I want to accomplish. Self-care means buying clothes that make me feel good or taking 10 minutes to put on a face mask. Self-care means saying no to events or nights out or nights in. I want to cultivate my voice to be stronger so that I can always express what I want or what I’m thinking. Self-care means asking for what I need from others – whether it’s for a vent session or for them help me move furniture.

Self-care is going to work out or walk or be outside just to be outside. Self-care is allowing myself to just be me and not having any judgement.

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