Career Epiphany

I think it was April or May and we just brought on a new analyst to the team. I was happy to have some company and some help in my ever growing pile of work. I took aside some time to teach her a few shortcuts in the software. It was the first time in a long time that I actually got to teach someone one-on-one. It felt good. I mean REALLY good. Like something had awoken in me. It said, “Oh yea this is something I love to do. We must do more!”

A few days later I mentioned it to my boss saying, “Yea I just sat with her for a few minutes to teach her how to do XYZ.” And she replied, “Oh thanks but I don’t want you to have to teach her these things. I want you to focus on your work. Next time just let me know and I’ll help out. ”

I felt heartbroken. Like the fire had been snuffed out. That’s when it hit me. If I can’t teach, then I shouldn’t be doing this job.

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