The Ferns

After the redwoods I hiked up the beach to Fern Canyon. Unfortunately I got lost. Basically I hiked too far and missed Fern Canyon completely because I lost track of time and just kept walking into the horizon. Now I understand how easy it can be to get lost in the desert. Everything looks the same. To add to it, the soothing sound of the ocean took my mind into a calm walking meditation.

I walked 45 minutes too far, so had to walk 45 minutes back adding an hour and half to my trip. =( By the time I got to Fern Canyon, it was 1130am and I was STARVING. So I unpacked my new camp chair and food and picnicked in the middle of the canyon. Hell I earned it. It was so beautiful.

Green walls and flowing leaves. The breeze cooled me down and the flowing stream calmed my soul. After lunch I hiked through to the end of the canyon then back out and found the 4.8 mile trail back home. By then I was already tired and the whole hike back was painful on my shoulders. Thanks to my zoning out, what was supposed to only be a 7 mile day had turned into a 10.5 mile day.

When I got back to my car, I felt so much joy and relief. I drove to the nearest campsite called Grassy Flat and finally, finally had my camp fire!

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