Find the Awe in Anything

Last night Belinda came to town. We met up, had dinner, then teamed up with her urban photographer friend to wander around and shoot photos. She said she would take us to the tunnels and everyone got excited. I was excited too! “Wow there are really cool tunnels in LA that I’ve never been to,” I thought to myself. So we hopped in her car and drove 5 mins to the 2nd and 3rd street tunnels in downtown. And I felt SO dumb because I had driven through these tunnels a dozen times at LEAST and/or had ridden my bike through them. Lol, Miinkay the blockhead.

Anyway we get close and these awesome photographer/artist girls get excited, they are getting ideas and as soon as the cars are gone they start shooting.

Through their lenses this ordinary place became extraordinary, beautiful, compelling. It was inspiring and humbling to walk with them and see the world through their eyes. I read somewhere that an expert photographer is one that can see a picture in his/her mind and replicate it through their lens. After dabbling in the process, I can say it really is difficult but these women were producing amazing shot after amazing shot.

This experience reminds me to keep my mind open.

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