Burning Man culture is based off of 10 principles. One of them being Immediacy. Immediacy, to me means being present and in the moment. Something I’ve always had trouble with. I am a planner, a person that is constantly thinking ahead. Living in the moment has always been a struggle for me, but I think I am grasping it a little bit better. This also means realizing how I am feeling in the moment and acting on it.

Often I put my own feelings aside and put others first, but that can be draining and unnecessary.

Someone told me on the playa that reaching a state of zen or peace means to be in tune with your inner compass. To me that meant knowing yourself and acting on those personal preferences, not necessarily going with the flow or against the flow, but being honest with what you want then and there.

I dIMG_0041[1]id follow my zen by sleeping a lot more than I expected to. The harsh conditions, cold weather, and draining days sometimes left me seeking my tent as a refuge. I didn’t follow my zen in alot of other ways: following the crowd when I didnt want to, not following the crowd when I wanted to, etc. But life is full of lessons.

I don’t know if it was being off the grid for so long or realizing what doesnt serve me, but I’ve been removing things from my life that arent in tune with my inner compass. And right now I think that means not serving others so much.

I’m going to stop teaching Yoga. Teaching has been a great experience, but for lack of better explanation – I’m done. I even stopped following all those crazy good yogi’s on instagram. Not that it’s bad to do so, but because I don’t need it. Yoga is part of my life and I don’t need inspiration or examples to follow. I am already following my own arrow.

More unexpected growth to come.


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