First Like

My first memories of being liked are from the first or second grade. By then I was on the verge of getting glasses, but already identified as the stereotypical smart asian kid in class. Words never emerged from my mouth because I was content to just sit in my personal bubble and listen. I was nice and kind, so kids liked me I guess but I was more a fly on the wall than a student in class.

Then one day in the spring a kid named Eric told me he liked me. “What?!” I said. “I like you.” And then I don’t remember what I did…probably something like dodged him and went to my seat. What was I supposed to do? I was 7. Eric was hispanic and funny. His features are hazy now but I remember him being happy. The kind of happy that has a big smile and a round face.

Well funny thing is that I have very few memories of Eric before he told me he liked me. Then after that I started feeling like I liked him too. D’awwwww. I think our newfound like lasted a week or so and he either moved or switched classrooms. And thats all I remember.

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