Talk your way into Love

First read this.  Form some opinions. Then come back.

I love this idea that in two hours you could talk your way into love. And I love that they bring to light the idea that intimacy comes from knowing each other. Knowing what the other person thinks and feels and why. You can skim the surface of a relationship for your whole life but what really brings a person close is knowing what a person thinks and why. For the life of me I don’t understand why more people don’t ask why. Well. I take it back. I guess I understand it’s because they are afraid of prying or being too invaisive. But I think most people are willing to talk about why if you just ask.

I feel rich when I get to know someone I can call a friend for the rest of my life. Having money gives you the freedom to do and experience anything you want, but even when I’m doing and exploring and experiencing, it’s the people around me that give my experience a deeper meaning.

I started dating again to seek out Love. I want a relationship that is deep, meaningful and fulfilling. I want someone to share my love of music or bikes or yoga or food. I want to know that there is always someone supporting who I am and what I’m doing with my life. I want someone who knows everything about me and understands why I am who I am.

I wondered if this will ever happen to me. But then I thought why not take control and create the love myself? Who says that I have to have one person fulfill all my wishes. I already have a great community who loves bikes. My friends from yoga teacher training share my love of yoga. And so many people eat and love food too. Music is a community I need to grow but I still have one or two friends who I can always send music to for opinions. All the other stuff will come with time and invasive questions. ;-)

I think that all I can do now is to encourage intimacy between me and my friends. Who says that you can’t love your friends? In fact I want to try the 36 questions with some of my closests friends. Look for an invitation in the mail. You know who you are.

In the midst of all this, if I find romantic love, well then I will be lucky.

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