non-surf day

A few months ago I picked up surfing and water sport thanks to my friends Carol and Mihai. Mihai, a self-proclaimed fish of the sea, and I made plans to surf this morning. 7am surf report said boring and flat conditions so we scrapped surfing for body boarding. We jump in the car and paid the parking fee only to drive up and see tiny waves crashing onto the shore. Ugh. Oh well, what the hell we made the trip and paid the fee so let’s enjoy the water. There were plenty of fishermen and bikers and runners but not a surfer in sight, which makes you wonder if you are the only idiot dumb enough to try to be on the water this morning. We were. The water was cold and the waves were few and far between and so close to shore that you’re only riding it for a few seconds before having to roll off. We were about to ax the day as a flop but then…a dolphin. Then two then three! A pod! No more then a hundred feet away. Majestic and beautiful. We tried to swim out closer but eveytime they disappeared only to reappear when we got impatient and floated back to shore.

Even though conditions were bad for catching waves they were perfect for watching the pelicans glide above the water in search of fish. Perfect for dolphins to swim closeby and perfect for that sea lion to pop his head out long enough to say hi.

There are no words for how cool it was to be so close to those animals. The ocean never ceases to amaze me.

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