Teacher Training

So last Friday I started a 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training at Yogi’s Anonymous. The teachers there are really great so I’m confident that I picked a great studio to learn from. This is their first teacher training, so you can feel them working out the kinks and trying to provide great support while being flexible. But despite that I think I’ll learn a lot. I’m excited to become part of another community of like-minded people and to learn to teach something I believe in. I think I will always be teaching something in my life.

I’m hoping the community will help me break through the initial LA plastic film and get to know some great people. We have already talked about compassion and love in class so I have a good feeling about it.

So far I’ve had 12 hours of instruction, classroom and practice mixed together, and I’m pretty tired. Haha. I will be busier than I’ve been all year because on top of the training time I have to add another 4.5 hours of practice during the week plus homework. This on top of Bikerowave and regular cooking/cleaning chores will take up 90% of my free time. Finding time to work on my beater bike will be hard.

In any case I’m really happy to be doing it. 11 more weeks, here I come!

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