Update on Life

So this month has been crazy with having to go to St. Charles for work and then Seattle for fun. I haven’t had too many weekends for riding, so this weekend I tried to cram in a lot of miles.

Yesterday was Head for the Hills in Chappel Hill. I forgot how hard this route was. 63 miles and tons of hills and 90 degree weather was crazy. The morning felt great with a little bit of tail wind and fresh legs, but the last 20 miles were horrible. Thanks to Arnel for sticking close by and not moving too fast to chase. It was good motivation to try and stick with him. Plus it was less boring to have someone to talk to. Finished in like 4 hrs and 35 mins.

Today was just a free Bike World ride. Very little signs and mostly on our own for directions. We had a map and a group of about 9 so it was fun. I didn’t really stick around too many of the others close enough to talk with. Today was a fast day. Weather stuck below 70 all day and we stayed under cloud cover, so we went 15-20 the whole day. Finished 61 miles in just under 4 hours. Fastest 60 I’ve ever done. Felt great. I’m glad I went today. It saved my weekend.

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