Tyrol Basin

In the midst of work travel I got to go to the land of cheese for a week. Luckily there was a ski park about 30 mins away, so after work I got to play. This little 300 ft mountain had only about 12 runs open but a massive park with a big tall half pipe and plenty of rails, boxes and huge jumps. I spent most of my time on the blacks workin’ on my carving. I tried to tell myself faster, faster, but that courage would only last a few feet before I got scared and slowed down. I need to pass the mental barrier that is “fear of getting hurt”. I had just bought some knee and wrist guards too, but those did not really build my confidence. After a couple of hours I decided to change it up and give the park a try because going up and down was just getting monotonous and I wasn’t really improving.

Fortunately they had a kiddie park where little kids on skis were just flying through with no poles. I was like. Damn. I can’t let them show me up! So I headed for a box, got scared, slowed too much and stopped in the middle…then fell over. Two more tries and two more falls. Damn you box.

I have to say; I don’t mind being alone. I travel alone for work. I usually workout by myself. I could sit in my room for a whole day without talking to anyone. But being out on the slopes alone was kind of depressing. Maybe cause I was doing a fun/challenging thing and there was no one there to laugh at me or comment on my success points. By the end of that day I was ready to leave early and decided to minimize my solo boarding as much as possible.

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