Past Month Update?

Life has been busy. Went snowboarding for 4 days. FOUR! In Denver this past weekend. It was a great time and some friends really helped me learn how to carve. It got hard to keep my endurance up. I think at times I just got really frustrated with how hard it was to carve and that drained me even more. I eventually got it and now I just need to work on tight S shapes.

Oh I didn’t mention my new gear! I got a Ride Rapture board, K2 Bliss bindings, Solomon boots, Smith goggles, and Holt helmet. Also a K2 snowboard bag, since I have to travel to meet snow. I just went to a store and walked out down a pretty penny. Haha. It was great. The store’s people knew everything there is to know, had great advice, and even let me watch as they waxed and buffed my board. Knowledge is power man. I love learning about maintenance on my gear.

This whole experience was great to just get out of my work mode and into some different scenery. It really is making me contemplate moving to a place that is closer to mountains or at least a bike friendly city. I hate having to plan to get up early to bike to avoid heat or traffic. I wish I could just get on my bike and ride a dozen trails or routes. I wish I could meet other cyclists and make friends with the people who do what I love most. But looks like wishing isn’t going to get me shit.

I have to make a move.

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