Gettin My Swim On

The time has come for me to get over my stupid fear of water and start practicing my swimming. It’s probably been about 12 years since I’ve taken it on seriously. Last year I tried to go snorkling but had a near drowning experience. Not fun. So this should be good for me and it will be me one step closer to completing a Tri.

So Friday I went out and bought a swim suit. Not a beach swim suit. but one I could use to train. I picked a good time cause they are now about 75% off at Academy. (yes!) Got me some goggles too. And headed to the Bally lap pool.

Swimming again was actually kind of like picking up a bike after 10 years. You don’t really forget how. Maybe you’re not so good at it, but all things take practice. It helps that I can stand up in the pool. =D

Thing I need to work on: breathing.

Aiming to be ready for a Tri by April next yr. Here we go.

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