New Feet!

I caved. I’ve been wanting these shoes for a long time. They were sold out almost everywhere (of the color I wanted anyway) since June or July. Then the manager at Fleet Feet Rice Village called me and said we got a shipment. And all of a sudden I was walking out of the store in them. haha.

Why? I hate shoes. I don’t wear shoes in the house. I love flip flops. I only own shoes for protection from falling objects and the cold. Oh and for looking pretty, but that’s a girl thing.

I’m really happy this barefooting phenomenon is taking over. I remember hanging out at my friend’s apartment one day and running barefoot on her treadmill. It felt great! I felt like I could run forever. Now I can be practically barefoot everywhere I go. The floor does not have to be devoid of rocks and rough things. I am liberated!

So I’ve been able to run a little in them and use them for general every day walking. At the end of the day my toes will be tired and my hip will start to hurt, but my knees have been generally fine. I am pleasantly surprised. Maybe my knees will get better in general.

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