What Happened?

This morning I was supposed to wake up for the Katy Flatlands ride which starts out by Katy Mills at 7am. And my phone went off at the right time, I turned it off and went back to sleep. I woke up again at 630, rolled over again and fell back to sleep.

WHAT HAPPENED TO ME? I remember the days where I would ride 40 miles a weekend in the SUMMER. I’d jump out of bed when my alarm went off, eat my oatmeal, get dressed, set up my bike on the rack/in the car and drive out to my ride. I’d get in at least 2 hrs if it wasn’t an organized ride and come back home at 11am sweaty and satisfied. If it was an organized ride I’d be on my bike for as long as I could possibly go probably 60 miles at the time. I’d work on my speed, eating at the right times, and staying on the bike for as long as possible.

Today…it’s been 36 days since I’ve ridden. Since the MS 150 in April I think I’ve gone out maybe 4 times total? Wow. I haven’t even put 300 miles on my Pinarello. I waited so long to get it and now I don’t even have the motivation to ride. I feel so horrible. I’ve also been missing my Scott. I think I liked it better than my Pinarello…? =/ Which is not good…I feel kind of ashamed to say that.

Sorry Pinarello. You look way more amazing, but it really is all about the ride. I remember my Scott feeling lighter to move and having really quick acceleration. You did feel all the bumps in the road, but I guess I haven’t spent long enough on my carbon to appreciate the dampening and how it would help my fatigue. I am kind of frazzled by the memory because my carbon is definitely way stiffer than the aluminum, so there should be better power transfer – meaning better acceleration right? I think I just need more time with my Pinarello, and I need to work on the correct position to avoid all the aches and pains I was getting. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been wanting to ride…I know there will be aches and pains.

Maybe I just need another goal. Last year was MS 150 and then Tour de Pink and then MS 150 again. But right now MS 150 is far enough away where I don’t feel like I have to train and I haven’t committed to anything in between.

I think I’m also bored with all the flat riding. I kind of miss the hills and of course that’s annoying cause Houston is only flat. I could do more riding in Ithaca, but it wouldn’t be on my own bike cause it would be expensive and annoying to ship.

…ok I think I’m done spilling the thoughts out of my brain. I’ll figure it out. I still love cycling, there’s no doubt about that, but now I need to figure out where to get the motivation to go for a ride.

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