Poor Form

Since the MS150 I’ve only taken my bike out a few times and every time has not been so fun. It’s been kind of miserable actually. Within 2 miles of being on the bike I get pain right between my shoulders. Like a sort of inward crunching pain. Makes cycling not so fun to do. So I haven’t been going for very long. I consulted some forums and friends and I think the consensus is poor form.

My Jamis’s bars were a little taller than where I sat, so I could rest my upper body on it without much pain, reach a little, and not have to engage my core. In fact I never used my core to hold myself up. I was always confused when I would read about how important your core is, but never figured out why I was never sore there. Now I know. My Pinarello’s bars are on the same plane if not lower than my seat height. So that gives me a better race position, but since I spent a year on my arms, it’s coming back to kick me in the face…or jump on my back. I feel like I have to relearn how to ride my bike! I have to work on using my abdomen more, put little to no weight on my arms, keep my elbows bent and hips tucked.

A professional fit might be in order, too…which would be cool but they are expensive. I will try fixing my form first. If that doesn’t work, then off to the professionals. Good thing is that my stem is still about 50mm so I have a little bit of room for adjustments if need be. I am still more comfortable on the bars than the hoods.

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