My Epic Bike Saga

As the MS 150 gets closer and closer, I am getting more an more anxious about getting my new bike. I really need something that fits me so that I can ride comfortably and well during the 180 miles. Here’s a quick time line of my Bike Saga:

Feb 2009 – Bought Jamis Ventura Sport
Apr 2009 – 2009 MS 150, cut in half due to rain out, becomes MS 75
May 2009 – Confirm that bike is too big and need a smaller frame
May 2009 – Bought a used Scott Speedster S20
Sept 2009 – Scott Speedster stolen from garage, devastated
Sept 2009 – Searched everywhere, went to police stations, never found my Scott
Nov 2009 – Accepted the loss, and the search for a new bike begins
Nov-Dec 2009 – Visited nearly every bike shop in Houston/Sugarland/Waller/etc
Jan 2010 – Decided on the 2010 Pinarello FP2, put down a deposit, was told to wait til Mar
Feb 2010 – Was told bike would be here mid Feb
Mid Feb 2010 – No bike, wait til Mar
Mar 2010 – No bike, wait til mid Mar
Mid Mar 2010 – No bike, keep waiting
End Mar 2010 – Still no bike, call distributor, distributor says Apr 12th
Apr 7, 2010 – Still waiting…pretty spent…getting fed up…

And the waiting continues. I feel like it’s sucking the passion out of me. Once I started biking, I was pretty obsessed with the whole scene. I was riding every weekend. I did at least one charity ride a month, and even got into watching the big 3 tours. When my bike was stolen, I lost my appetite for 3 days and carried around tons of anxiety, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t focus. It was like I got dumped or my dog died. Seriously. I still am carrying that anxiety, even though I still have my Jamis, it’s not that fun to ride. It’s heavy and too long for my short stature. My friend Mark said it and I think it’s true, that I won’t be OK until I replace my Scott. So I tried. I’m still trying to replace it. But the world has not yet swung in my favor. My past few rides have not been so fun, so now I’m wondering if it will ever be fun again.

It’s like being in a relationship and wondering if you should break up.

I miss my Scott.

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