Pick Up the Pace

Trying to get ready for my half marathon on the 11th, so today after work I went to Memorial Park to attempt 9 miles. Kind of ambitious, since I’ve only been working out on the weekends and only 3 miles at a time. So I left myself room for walking and essentially took my time. 1hr and 50mins total. Pretty slow for 9 miles, but atleast it gave me a good idea of what it’s like to run/be on my feet for longer than 30 mins. By then of it, my feet were in pain. I have been using my loud purple and yellow cross trainers. They are really light and were really cheap when I got them, but crap I won’t be able to run 13 miles on pavement in those. I would have blisters starting at mile 3. By the 7th mile I was already feeling every rock on that path. Ouchies.

So I think a trip to Luke’s Locker is in order today. I had been wanting to get a nice pair of running shoes because I typically have knee problems but was putting it off cause they are expensive. But you know they say to spend money on your shoe and your mattress cause you spend the all day in those.

On another note, got my Accenture BP MS150 Team jersey today!

I’m getting excited for this. I’m ready. Training has been fun and totally worth it. Now all I need is my bike.

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