Step it UP

So today I got home a little earlier than usual and decided to catch the Step class at Bally. At first I couldn’t find the instructor in the crowd of people, but I soon noticed that the person wearing the headset was this frail looking man with gray hair…Ok…I can handle an hr of step with this guy. Two risers + the platform.


Haha. Man I underestimated him and overestimated myself. I tried to stay light and bouncy throughout but damn he just kept going. I mean he just had the platform, but he would not let us pause for a second. I thought we might get to march in place or something but nope. Nada. None of that lazy ass crap. We kept it going for 45mins. My thighs were about ready to collapse at some points. Well this will be good for cycling.

Did some core work and a few sets of lateral pulls and called it a night.

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