So I’ve been in this long lazy slump for the past month. Sure I’ve been able to do a few rides, but that’s not enough when you’re supposed to be training for a half marathon. I have hardly worked out on the week days. It’s been a combination of knee pain, tiredness, laziness, and some emotional dissatisfaction. I think the frustration and sad got me started. Then I started eating unhealthy. Then I got 3hrs of sleep this one night for no reason. Agh! It’s been a spiral down to the bottom again.

I really need to just get up and go. If my knee still hurts I need to see the doctor. Ugh. I don’t want to go see the doctor. Stop hurting knee.

And what’s up with this being tired all the time? I take my multivite, is my iron really that low or am I just getting lazy?

Fine. I’ll get off my ass and go to the gym…tomorrow.

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