Argentine Tango with Rose and Luis

A few weeks ago, started a Tango class. My friend Rose an her bf Luis are the teachers and they are amazing. They break it down to simple moves and let us practice, critique as needed and always fun and happy.

I have to say I’m already in love with Argentine Tango. It’s different from any other social dance in that there’s no need to follow a beat. All the moves are based off emotion, want, feelings.

You tell what foot to put your weight on by following the lead. He moves his weight to the left, you move your weight to the left. He moves his weight to the right, you move yours to the right. He keeps standing on one leg, you match that. Waiting, pausing, collecting, all these are part of the dance. You move slowly and deliberately. You are independent of each other yet connected. Your sense of touch is all you really need. I could dance with my eyes closed.

I love it.

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