Puddle for the Ducks

First organized ride of the year!

Damn do I love this stuff. Today I popped out of bed at 5:15am. Yes, 5:15am on a Saturday. It was awesome. Got my oatmeal, bike gear, hooked up my Saris trunk rack, hitched my Jamis to it and we were a go.

I wanted to do this ride cause it was relatively close to me and I have heard good things about it. Plus its for ducks. Who doesn’t like ducks?

Riding was good. It did two things: solidified my decision to get a new bike and gave me a good gauge of how much training I still have to do. A couple weeks ago I took my Jamis out and felt pretty good on it…like why am I blowing so much money on a new bike? This one is perfectly good. But today, like clockwork, my back started to hurt right around 30 miles. And then my seat had fallen back and stretched me out for a good 8 miles…further pain. I’m praying that with my new bike I’ll be able to get a perfect fit. I didn’t get to try the size out in the store cause they didn’t carry it. I just tried one size up and knew it was too long, but still ride-able like my Jamis.

Not to sound like I don’t like my Jamis. It has treated me well, taken me hundreds of miles. Enabled friends to ride with me. But we don’t fit as well as I thought we would.
Now some of you out there might say, just get a shorter stem. Well the stem on my bike is 0 mm. It basically clamps the bars to the fork. So the only solution is a smaller size. Plus carbon will be a plush ride…and maybe the stiffness will help my performance.

There were a lot of Specialized, Trek, and Scotts out today. It made me miss my Scott. I miss how it used to sing that hollow aluminum sound that made me feel like I was going fast. Funny tho I didn’t see the model I had out…I guess not too many people bought the Speedster S20 in 2009? I did see one Blue Pinarello FP3 and a good handful of Cervelos – R3, TT bikes, no soloists.

So I was ambitious and signed up for the Metric century thinking it was 62 miles. Cause 62 miles I’ve done before. My best time was just under 5hrs – including stops. But this ride lied and instead it was really 70 miles. And they wanted us done by 1pm. We started 7:15, 730ish. So I was thinking ok, if I book it – I can make it just in time. But then, the wind came out. haha. So instead I took the 46 miler and made it back by 11am. So it was just about 4 hrs including stops – just over 11 mph. merp. Not a good time. I even drafted in and out as the wind got gustier. I need to bust my ass in the coming months if I want to ever make it to averaging 15mph – with stops.

On a happy note, I love my Castelli Mito Jersey. This was my first cold ride and it kept my body warm throughout. Although my arms were cold in and out. It was still warm and soft.

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