Brazos Bend “Hike”

Today I went with Caitlin and Adam to visit Brazos Bend State Park. It was pretty nice. Great weather except for the 10 mph gusts. Saw plenty of gator and birds. Adam and Caitlin were pretty impressed by the gators we saw.

It was a 5 mile hike around two lakes, and admittedly, it was really flat and not challenging. Caitlin said it well, this is not a “hike” even though its a hiking trail; it’s more of a walk. We walked around Brazos Bend. heh. It was a good change of pace from just running. I brought my awesome orange North Face hiking pack and stuck 6 lbs of Epsom salt in it for a little more of a work out, but since we weren’t really going up an down, I don’t think it made a big difference. Next time I’ll do 15 lbs. haha.

The flat terrain of Houston has been worrying me since half the MS 150 is hills. I need more hill training, and it’ll be hard finding it. I can get up to 16 mph on flats but getting through those hills in Bastrop are another beast altogether. I don’t want to be falling on my new bike. Agh why are bikes so expensive?

And yes I know about spin class, but those are only good for flats too. Getting up out of your seat is nothing like actually going up a hill. It’s like getting up on flats. grr. Stupid Houston…

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