Poem for My Son in the Car

Poem for My Son in the Car Jennifer K. Sweeney The wipers sweep two overlapping hills on the glass, we are quiet against the squeaky metronome as we often are before the concerns of the day well up. Today: Is it dark inside my body? The wet cedar’s dark of green-gone-black of damp earth mending itself, a pewter bell rung …

Meditation for Women Who Read Too Much

An excerpt from Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach December 15 Meditation for Women Who Read Too Much Virginia Woolf believed that when we women who read too much arrive at the pearly gates carrying our beloved books with us, the Almighty will tell St. Peter: “Look, these need no reward. We have nothing to give them here. They have …

Knowledge Mantra

When I admit, I dont know it all; I can feel small. But that is when the treasure pours in, and learning can truly begin. From MysticMama


Life is a beautiful, painful and mysterious process of becoming. In the end we lose everything that we ever thought we had, everything except how we were changed by it. Everything except what we became because of all we had to let go of. Everything but the choice to let life embitter our hearts in fear and anger or soften …


Here we go. Head first.


I don’t wanna be the last man standing I don’t wanna be the lonely one Picking petals when the party’s over No, it’s not any fun You know when you listen to a song on repeat because you some words or the chorus or maybe the whole song amplifies your feeling.  And you just wallow. So hold me Wrap me …


Mom: “How is your love life?” Me: “It’s good. I’ve been using the online apps to date.” Mom: “What?! Are you so desperate that you have to date online now?” >.< Me: “No mom, online dating is normal now.” Mom: “Oh really?…..ok, just be careful then.” Lol