“I was happily surprised at the power of this gentle treatment [craniosacral therapy]. My energy level was balanced and strong , and has remained so . It had a similar effect on me that a good acupuncture treatment has. Minkay is a lovely human being, who listens and communicates clearly and openly. I’m so glad I saw her flyer and now am curious about her life-coaching skills. “

Kristy M.

“Miinkay is terrific! She targeted specific parts of my body I’ve been dealing with for a long time and really helped to relieve tension and remove sharp pains. Miinkay knows her stuff and is a really great and easy-going person who provides a safe space. I look forward to future sessions!”

Arjay J.

“How can you speed up healing a fracture? This was a continuous question circling over and over in my thoughts as I lay awake at night. I wanted an immediate solution for my broken right fibula and tibia bone after an ORIF surgery. As a person who loves to ride waves, hike up mountains, and run around freely to unknown places, being locked up in my apartment was a prison cell. After this surgery, I could not even do the simplest tasks such as taking a shower on my own, refilling my water cup or cooking a meal for myself. I felt helpless and discouraged to return to the adventures I once loved.

However, I found Miinkay, an extremely kind-hearted, patient, and understanding human to heal my ankle as well as rejuvenate my soul. After my surgery for two months, on a weekly basis, I received treatment. The treatment helped improve the circulation to my ankle, increased my energy level, and reduced my anxious thoughts. The treatment felt like “savasana”, the last pose you usually do in a yoga class. I was completely relaxed, yet I was consciously awake. The next day you feel refreshed and you are again hopeful that healing does happen. Keep doing this with a positive mind and you will be on the road to recovery. So much respect and love for you Miinkay. Thank you for the dedication and encouragement to my healing process.”

Carol L.

She was very respectful and was genuinely concerned with my well being. She asked very good questions that I could explain what issues I was having. Definitely coming back to Miinkay. “

Kyle D.

“Miinkay is truly a gifted healer and practitioner. She has helped me immensely with craniosacral treatments over the past year that have made a significant improvement in my health and well-being and chronic lower back pain. When we began, it was my first experience with craniosacral work. The treatments are very subtle but deep and a lot can be lifted and cleared. My sessions with Miinkay have helped to alleviate pain and to balance and ground my energy. They have also helped to clear out old, stuck energy to create space for clarity and new awareness. Body work is so very important! Also, she is a fantastic listener, patient, kind and encouraging. Do yourself a favor and book a session with her!”

Kate C.

“Miinkay has a way with her hands and intuition that has transformed me into a believer of energetic healing. I had fractured my C7 vertebrae, and during our session I was able to tune in and explore more deeply my trauma area with what felt like an energetic “unlocking”. It was an experience like I’ve never had before. Her gentle self assessment questions helped guide me to be more truthful with myself about my own healing process. 

I would highly recommend Miinkay to friends and family, especially those who have experienced energetic healing!”

Candice Y.