I used to think that all this talk of gratitude and doing journals and finding gratitude EVERY DAY was…too much. I mean how happy can you really be? How grateful can you actually get? So I tried the daily journal, and I fell off the wagon. I tried to do it when people talked about it. I listened to radio shows where they talk about it. I did the thing with them sometimes on the radio. Sometimes I didn’t. This back and forth, up and down, try this, try that has gone on for maybe 3+ years or so.

Then I would do it more, and eventually I was doing the grateful thing when no one asked me to.

Now I think about it every day. How lucky I am to be following a dream. How awesome it has been to make each day meaningful. How lucky I am to live in a house with my boyfriend. How lucky I am to have a boyfriend who loves and supports me, keeps me laughing, and does whatever I ask (most of the time).

It works. And it takes time, but eventually (maybe 3+ years later) you will have more and more gratitude in your heart and less and less of the things you don’t want in your heart.

So keep practicing. It can only get better.

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