Life Update – 28 Months Later

Wow it’s November. This year has been really really good for my new career and for personal growth. I just got my California Massage License and got certified as a Holistic Life Coach. I’ve taken the time to grow my skills as a bodyworker and to get and give a lot of coaching. I speak my mind more often. I am kinder to myself. I slow down and take more time for people. I take more time for myself.  I’ve also developed my interest in plants and started an indoor and outdoor collection. But most importantly I’m happier.

I thought that I quit my job because I was unhappy with my work, but as I took time to figure things out I realized that actually, I was unhappy with myself. So this journey has been a combination of unpacking why I was unhappy with myself and turning that around and also figuring out why I’m here, what is my life purpose? Obviously getting in line with my purpose is a contributor to my happiness, so working in all areas of my life little by little have gotten me to be in this better place.

I wouldn’t say I’m totally satisfied – I am still selling stocks here and there to supplement my income. I have two part time jobs – one doing social media marketing and the other as a therapist at a spa. I’m not totally content, but I’m learning, growing, and okay with my life right now. I still need more from my career and my work, but it will be a growing process to get there. I need more experiences to grow into the kind of entrepreneur I want to be.

I know this is the path I’m supposed to be on and as long as I keep working on it, then one day I will be able to support myself completely and have more abundance than I know what to do with. Right now I am just grateful for everything I have, the support from my friends and family and most importantly for Don. I think the biggest catalyst for my life changing was learning to love myself and Don has been the biggest supporter and provider of love in my life. Thank you bear.


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