Clear on Your Purpose

When I quit my job in 2016 to search for a more fulfilling career, I had no idea what I would be doing. All I had was my innate desire to help and serve people. This part of me had permeated my being every since I was a child. From volunteering, to community events at church, to teaching and TAing in college. So I tried to follow this desire. I spent more time volunteering – as a grant researcher, and then as a yoga studio manager. I looked for jobs in public service and in non-profits. I applied to many, many jobs and never got any interviews. And then I got the opportunity to volunteer at Bahakti Fest for Heal One World.

I manned the booth and talked about our studio while helping Skye, the director, with set up. I did donation based Reiki sessions and she did donation based Craniosacral sessions. And this is where I found out about bodywork and craniosacral therapy. Then she told me something that started my path – “You know, I think you would be a really good craniosacral therapist.” She encouraged me to go check out some classes and offered me a cranial session so I could understand what it was all about.

We never found time for the cranial session, but something in me felt drawn to this work. So I looked up a class, and it was $700. AH! Quite expensive for something I had no idea about, and no idea if it was really for me. But I asked my intuition and despite my ego telling me doubts, I felt really good about taking it. So I put my faith in the universe and signed up.

The class was and is a genuine bridge between the physical and the metaphysical. It explained the body-mind connection, and went on to teach us how to help people let go of emotional tension. My interest was piqued and my journey started there. All these things happened within 6 months of me quitting my job. It wasn’t a long process but it wasn’t short either. And I believe it had to do with me following that internal drive: to be of service to humanity.

So I would encourage you to get Clear on Your Purpose. Your purpose can be broad or simple. It can be anything you feel drawn to. It can change in anyway you want, but it should always come from within – from your gut and deeper knowing. Not from your ego or from fear and logic.

When you have something to start with, then moving forward becomes easier.

  1. Take a minute, write down your purpose and keep it somewhere you can see regularly. What do you want for yourself? Why?
  2. Then slow down and let the ideas for it come. 

Ideas coming from your deeper knowing – will never make you fearful or worried or anxious. These ideas aren’t followed by emotion and are just true.

Ideas coming from your ego – will give you apprehension if you don’t complete it or worry about negative possibilities – i.e. if you fail you will be seen as incapable.

So if you are like me and looking for whats next, get clear on your purpose right now. And then when an Idea comes, explore it – ask yourself if it would be good for you and then trust. When an idea is not good for you – you will get a simple no that doesn’t make you fearful or worried. You can ask, “Will XYZ be in my best interest?” or “Will XYZ be good for me?” Then listen to how you feel, not what you are thinking.

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