I’m a Life Coach!

Around February of this year I happened upon Alan Cohen’s Life Coaching training. If you’ve never heard of him, he has a radio show called Get Real where he coaches people. I’d been listening only for a few weeks, but the way he talked to people and helped them seemed so natural and effective.

Whenever I tried to help my friends, I would listen and try my best to talk them through their anxiety, worries or fears. Usually I ended up letting friends vent, but really I didn’t know how to give them direction.  Mainly because I know what worked for me, isn’t what’s going to work for them. I can only describe my own experience and hope they figure it out on their own. Up until this point I probably had 5-6 friends ask me about how I quit my job, what helped me, and how they could do it too. I did my best, but really I never was able to help them figure out how they could do it too.

But Alan, is truly helping people find concrete steps to take and move out of their problems. I wanted what he had. So I applied to his training and said, if I get in, then it’s meant to be. And I got in.

Five months later,  lots of weekly online classes, 20+ practice coaching sessions, one final test, and I’ve graduated! I really can’t describe how profound this training was for me and my life. I learned that by good, reflective listening, validation, and honest perspective, I can help people make shifts in their lives. It empowered me to help my peers, gave me my own shifts for personal growth, and also connected me with 18 other wonderful coaches.

The most powerful lesson I learned was that everyone naturally has a fear voice and a loving voice. The fear voice is typically logical, cautious, and only trying to protect you. The loving voice knows what is actually good for you, supports you in taking healthy risks and treats you well. When you learn to discern the two is when you take back your power and understand yourself better. For me, my voice of fear has been telling me to put pressure on myself. Pressure to do well, do more, and constantly go so that I don’t fail. I thought this pressure was healthy and making me a better person, but really I was a stressed out and self-deprecating person. I’m learning to slowly let go of that pressure and to give myself more time, more patience and more love. I am exactly where I need to be.

A special thank you goes out to all my friends who let me practice on them. I couldn’t have grown or gotten better without your honest feedback.

Now I’m ready for the next step. Who needs a Life Coach??

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