Life Update – 1.5 Years after Quitting

Don’t you love those shows that follow up on the Biggest Loser or the Bachelor to see how they’ve been doing since that huge change you watch them go through?

Welcome to the Miinkay show. And thank you for tuning in. Cue series recap.

A year and a half ago, I found myself in the middle of a massive spiritual/emotional revelation: I am the only one that can make myself happy. I had spent about 8 years loathing my job but was unable to move out of it. And in July of 2016 I finally did what I only dreamed of for years prior. Except quitting was only half the dream; the other half was realizing my purpose in life. I had no plans, or idea of what was right for me. I just knew that I had to take hold of my own happiness. Part of becoming happier was to quit my job.

I went through a 6 month period of self exploration, denial, depression, fear, anxiety and constant worry. I tried to fill my time with volunteering and applying to jobs I might like. I applied to a lot of non-profit work, but never got any interview. I volunteered at 2 different organizations and definitely kept up my workout regimen. And I read ALOT of self help books. Including books on meditation, happiness, self-compassion, and inner peace.

And here is the minor climax! In November, I stumbled upon Craniosacral Therapy and found my path: bodywork. Still a luxury, but really a necessity, bodywork was hardly a career I thought about. However the study of the human body and the body mind connection has been fascinating. I spent most of 2017 studying massage and energy work. I practiced on friends, met colleagues at workshops and studied. Don’t get me wrong, there was still ALOT of worrying, questioning, and confusion in the middle of it all, but no self doubt. I never once looked back. I worried about whether I would be able to support myself and if I could handle the demands of being self-employed. I fretted over spending wisely and struggled with allowing myself trips for fun vs studying at home. I compared myself to others and am still expecting myself to be successful right away. But I have to keep reminding myself that Rome wasn’t built in a day. I have to keep reminding myself that I am in happier place with my career than I’ve felt in my entire life – money or no money. And they always say, when you are doing something you are passionate about, then the money will come.

Is it coming? Slowly but surely. I got a job working for the massage school where I study, doing well…everything. I schedule clients, market the classes and the school, help with logistics and planning, and support whatever projects need work. I work part time and have part time to do bodywork. I am making roughly $30,000 a year doing a couple of different jobs. Enough to live on, not enough to save but enough to live, study, and move forward with my career. I am learning how to run a business –
what my future could look like and it looks really promising.

How do I feel? Really good. Is there still work to be done? Yes very much. Will everything be ok? Yes everything will totally be ok. Cue uplifting music. Please tune back in after six months for another update. =)

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