The Studio that Made Me

Ally and Me

Last Friday I went to my last class at Yogi’s Anonymous. I first found Yogi’s when I moved to LA in 2011. I remember walking into a level 3 class not knowing what to expect and the first pose Brock Cahill put everyone in was handstand. Eeek! Nevertheless he was kind and supportive in getting me through that class where I was in way over my head. I kept going to find that all the teachers were amazing, strong, and clear. Ally kicked my ass and gave me life advice in the process. I learned to breath with long deep breaths and I learned to hold my down dog well. Most importantly I worked on not judging myself as I failed or fell or felt weak. I learned to put my knees down and rest. I learned to have compassion for myself. My type A personality found respite through the teachings of Yoga.

At the end of 2012 I took the journey of their first Teacher Training. Charlie and Ally maneuvered us through all the poses, how to teach them, and how to demonstrate them well. I made life long friends and still carry their teaching with me today as I teach. I was sad to know that Yogi’s was closing, but happy to see that the spirit lives on. I didn’t know how much it meant to me until I practiced one last time on those floors and recalled the times I practiced with friends, the first forearm balance I hit, and the words that taught me to start loving myself.

This place not only made me the teacher that I am, but it made me the person that I am. Yoga was my guide, but Yogi’s was the home to visit. Thank you for everything.

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