One Year Post Career Change

Well here we are. One year after I quit my career and went on the journey of my lifetime. Where am I? What am I doing? How am I doing? Was it worth it?

I’m still in LA, enjoying the sunshine, doing yoga and riding my bike. I don’t cook much anymore because I’m so busy with my career and dating Don. But I’m navigating OK and I haven’t gone crazy. My career is threefold right now. I teach yoga 3 classes a week. I am in massage school, working on my license so that I can be a craniosacral therapist. And I volunteer at Heal One World, helping the interns with their work, coordinating the volunteer teachers, and improving the sustainability of the non-profit.

The first 3 months of the year were spent mainly on massage school and practicing the cranial work. The last 3 months were mainly spent working with Heal One World. I get to decide what I do day to day, and I’m gaining the experience I need to move forward in my career. Life is pretty good. I’m not sitting behind a desk all day, nor am I doing anything I hate doing. I don’t feel like I love where I’m at, but I don’t hate it either. I feel like I’m on the path I should be on. I’m learning, growing and making something of my life.

How am I doing? Overall, pretty good. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with all the things I want to do: yoga, rock climb, read books, see friends, volunteer, improve my business…but I’m learning to manage that and to pare down or let go. Other times I don’t know if I’m really on the right path. I’ve been working on meditating to really know my truth.

I’m still working on letting go of my feelings around money and being rich. I’m trying to trust that the universe will help me afford all the things I want and need for myself and I’m trying to be patient about it. Every day is day where I try not to compare my situation to that of others who are more prosperous or successful. But its getting better. The worry is minute compared to 6 months ago and I’ve accepted the life I’m living. Of course it helps when your boyfriend buys you dinners and drives you around a lot. =D

Was it worth it? Yes. There is no doubt about it, Yes. Even though there is still worry and uncertainty in my life I wouldn’t trade my situation for my old job at all. My life can only get better from here.

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