2016 Year in Review

What can I say about 2016? So many things. It was a transformative year for me. I finally understood the path to happiness was through my thoughts and perception. I quit my career and have been working on myself. I let go of old fears about money and self-worth. I met Don and finally have a mutually healthy relationship. I am moving forward in every aspect of life.

As has become my tradition, I review my year in no particular order, with no editing. Here goes.

Cecilia got married. I realized I create my own happiness and I read tons of self help books. I yoga more. We went snowboarding in Mammoth. We went snowboarding in Denver. I get into acroyoga. I took my parents to Hawaii and we go to beaches and sightseeing. I turn 30 with my friends at Ramen. Rose came to visit and we go to SD for the weekend. I saw the superbloom in Death Valley. I went to Coachella and saw Guns N Roses. I meet Don and we talk. And talk. And hang out. I get Reiki certified. Then I go to Lightning in a Bottle. Then I go to Ignite and pick up staff. Wendy teaches me about the ways of the fire flow. Don takes me on a date to Sugarfish. Caitlin turns 30 in LA. I quit my job and drive. I drive to Yosemite. I drive to the Redwoods. I drive to Rainier and then I stop and go home. I visit my uncle in San Jose. I visit Tring and my brother in Portland. We take Lu to the Magic Castle. We go see Adele live. Lu and Greg get married. Don takes me to the potato chip hike. Don takes me skydiving. We go to Yosemite again. I go to Bhakti Fest. Derek comes to visit and we eat dim sum. I meet Mark Whitwell. We go to Chi town for grandma’s 90th. Jimmy and Cherryl visit LA. We go camping in Joshua Tree. Mom visits LA for Weikei’s birthday. Weikei moves out. I learn Craniosacral Therapy. We go to Escape for Halloween. I start to volunteer more at HOW again. I meet Don’s family. Don and I get lost backpacking. My uncle passes away. I have Thanksgiving with Don’s family. I go home for xmas. I get to meet Makai and June for the first time. I change my career.

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