Potato Chip Reflections

I had just finished 2 plates of tofu Pad Thai and was picking at a tray of fried tofu with sweet and sour dip when Don turned to me and calmly took my hands. He said, “We did a lot of things today.” I smiled and replied, “Yea we did.” Then we went back and forth remembering all those things.

Don started, “I came to pick you up and you were hangry.”

“I was!! Then you fed me a Kind bar and I was hangry for another 20 minutes. We had breakfast then I felt way better.”

“Then we went to the potato chip hike.”

“We got some good pictures and everyone cheered when you picked me up. Did that girl send them to you yet? She was so nice. Then we got fish tacos. They were so yummy!”

“I didn’t get the pictures yet, but I’ll get them. Yes! Then we drove here to the pool party and now we’re eating Thai food.”

I smiled at him and in that moment I realized what I had always forgotten to do in my travels, in my day to day, and in my life.


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