Orange Memories

Every time I peel an orange I remember one time at Kevin’s house. We were sitting with his mom and she gave us both oranges. I used a knife to cut mine and Kevin just dug into his with his fingers. Eventually he noticed my orange peel petals and said something about how ugly his orange peeling was. I just smiled and said, “Now you know another way.”

More recently Brent showed us an even better way to peel oranges. And my life has never been the same!

You know when the past is littered with hard memories…and you don’t want to remember them, so you just put them away. But the brain doesn’t know how to put away only the bad memories. Instead it puts away all your memories. And your skull becomes a hollow shell.

Which doesn’t work when your memories define who you are. When your identity is so ingrained in those harsh life lessons and happy laughing moments.

I’ve spent the past year trying to understand a simple question:

Who am I?

Which is hard to answer since people are so complicated. But this time I am peeling the skin back, in a different way. Slowly. With more purpose.

And I’m letting myself remember all the memories. Because in recognizing your past, you can move on and create a different future.

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