Cue the Biebs

I put my heart into your hands
Here’s my soul to keep
I let you in with all that I can
You’re not hard to reach
And you bless me with the best gift
That I’ve ever known
You give me purpose
Yeah, you’ve given me purpose

I think that everyone is born on this Earth to serve a purpose. It can be something as grand as making music or something as simple as spreading kindness. But often people ignore their soul’s messages to fulfill their purpose and they seek out what society has driven home as the most valuable things in life: fame and fortune.

Ever since I can remember I’ve been driven to serve. Volunteering and helping out wherever I could in whatever capacity people needed was my joy. Is my joy. I know that my goal in this world is to help a lot of people. But the question has always been, how and for what purpose? I’ve explored so many avenues where I could give back and have given back, but those ventures didn’t last. I was a volunteer bike mechanic for two year and stopped. I taught yoga for free for almost 3 years and put that down as well. I thought my calling was to be a healer, but no medical schools agreed. Maybe I should be a different kind of healer, but every time I looked at another school’s website, my body ferlt heavy and drained. “No more school please,” it told me.

My career has been a struggle. To align this feeling of purpose with the work that I do day in and day out  has been incredibly tough. You could argue that my work does help people, and it does, but I’m definitely still unsatisfied. I have been distressed and confused. Why have all my efforts lead me to a dead end? If I can’t find fulfillment in teaching others about the things I believe in or care about, where can I find fulfillment? I love learning, so why not learn a new career? Why was my body fighting my innate drive?

So my friend told me about a palmist that helped her and I went to see him. Those of you that know me well, would probably not be surprised. I’ve always believed in the stars and ghosts and all that hippie stuff, but of course these things are not widely accepted and so I don’t talk much about it. I also like to maintain a healthy skepticism because I still have very little experience with this side of life. However this year I also told myself that I would explore my spirituality. In the past my faith was such a valuable tool in my life that I hoped it could help me now. So I put my faith in life and went to see Vernon, the palmist, in hopes for some direction about my purpose.

Vernon looked at my palms with a magnifying glass, scribbled down some things, and referenced his notes. Then he proceeded to tell me my strengths and challenges with incredible detail and accuracy. I was not surprised at all, but instead really impressed by the specificity. Then he brought everything together in a way that brought clarity to my career and my direction in life. Even though I had known all my strengths and weaknesses, I hadn’t seem them as a whole. I typically thought of them as parts of me but never thought they could all come together as part of my vocation. The perspective Vernon was able to bring to my life was priceless.

My Strengths

I am a problem solver, a quick learner and have a lot of empathy. I am organized and have a strong will fueled by an inner strength.

My empathy helps me understand people very well. I am perceptive and can attune to the people around me easily. These skills also help me teach others successfully. My love of learning allows me to gather information from many points of view and coupled with my ability to teach grant me the power to help people understand the big picture.

My career will and should be a job where I am leading others, helping them to understand our purpose and each other and guiding them to success. I am too independent and have too many ideas and observations to work for other people. I should carve out my own job where I can be the most effective and successful.

In other words I should be a director or coordinator of an organization. It will be for a cause or work I believe in, possibly related to being healthy. I asked if he knew more about what it would be. He told me that I don’t know it yet, but it will reveal itself to me.

Maybe this all sounds generic or too high level for you, but it all made sense to me. It was like a light bulb had been turned on. I don’t need to go back to school, because there is nothing I can learn there for my career. I already have the skills I need for my purpose, God gave them to me for a reason. All I can do now is make them better. In this kind of role I can do all the things I love to do, work with people and teach, and also make an impact in the world. The kind of impact I feel that I am meant for.

My Challenges

I will face a lot of people that disagree with my beliefs, but as this happens I need to remember to go with what I think is right. I think this has to do with the cause I will work for in the future. Maybe I am discovering it now as I delve into the world of intuitives and palmists?

Another major challenge I already know I had is setting boundaries. I aim to please and in doing so, forget my own wants and needs. If I am to be happy then I need to assert my wants and stop giving into other peoples happiness without addressing my own at the same time. I have learned this lesson over and over and over again. I think I am getting better at it, but probably it will be a lifelong process. It was interesting to have Vernon point this out to me because that also confirmed my hand really does tell my story.


I can’t even express how powerful the palm reading was for me. It was so validating to have someone other than myself confirm what I have been feeling all these years – that I am meant to make a impact on others. That all these struggles were placed in my path to make me better and to prepare me for my purpose. All my work was for something and that I should keep working because I am on my way to success and fulfillment.


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