I don’t like advertising my birthday for a few reasons. Because I don’t want to feel a lot of pressure to celebrate and so that people don’t treat me any differently.

As an Asian-American birthdays are confusing because your American friends are celebrating with gift and parties. But as immigrants all my parents could afford and make time for was a homemade cake at the end of dinner. Often my father would forget our birthdays until he asked my mother why she was baking a cake. Thats because his whole life he never celebrated.

Anyway fast forward to now and I prefer the quiet birthdays. I don’t want to get stressed out planning something for myself. And if theres no big event then I’m not going to be dissapointed if things don’t work out.

Also now I have so much more than I did as a child. I can get myself anything my heart desires. I have a good life and can take care of my family. I am enjoying myself everyday and I like to enjoy others just as we are. Being in the center feels weird and uneccessary when everyday can be a quiet celebration.

My birthday this year started off frustratingly with a trip to the dmv but it got better as the day went on. I worked from a coffee shop with amazingly comfortable chairs. Then I got books and my tarot cards in the mail and after work I went to acroyoga. After acro was ramen with Greg, Lu and Brandon. Then games and hanging out at Mariana’s. Lots of laughter and learning about each other and enjoying each others company. I hope my life becomes full of more times like this.

My brothers bought me books and the foodies joy – lots of different sodas to try. I got birthday wishes from friends who remembered me. I got to spend a whole two days over the weekend to myself and just read and rest and explore LA. There was some shopping and bike riding and plenty of poached eggs with girlfriends.

Yesterday Steven prepared a fun spring roll dinner for me, complete with dessert and a Buddha Doodle! It was a lovely weekend and has made me so much more grateful for my friends.

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