The Key is Reduction

This is a super inspiring woman who has lived her life in a way that only garnered one mason jar of waste in two years. She is a reminder that although recycling helps, the best way to protect the environment is to reduce. Here are some of her main ideas and a few ideas I’ve been working on.

1. Shop with cloth and reusable bags at a farmers market or grocery store. Don’t even use the ones you get to separate your produce.  Doing this will reduce the amount of plastic you use significantly.

2. Compost! If you do it right (layer paper and food waste) then it wont smell or attract bugs. You can then donate it to you local community garden or just do what I’ve done and thrown it into a closeby empty lot. Lol.

3. Use kitchen towels instead of paper towels. This is also a money saver because over time you will only be washing kitchen towels instead of buying paper towels.

4. Try to buy in bulk. This is harder as it requires space and experience ( will I use this much rice?) but over time it will greatly reduce your waste.

5. Bring your own tupperware when you eat out. I try to keep a clean tupperware in my car so that if needed I can just bring it in my purse.

6. Eat in the restaurant. I know you just want to go home and eat in front of the tv, but if you can spend 15 mins eating at the restaurant then you can forgo the styrofoam containers and plastic bags.

There are many ways to reduce your carbon footprint, and though they might seem inconvenient or hard they might actually just need practice. A good habit takes time to develop so just keep trying and I think you’ll figure out what works for you and what doesn’t.

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