Errybody be pimpin’ cribs

Srrsly. All my friends in Texas bought a home or are in the process of buying homes. This is the next level in life. Haha. Also for the majority of them, it means putting down roots and not moving for a while. Or starting a family, which is happening for some people already.

I took an extended trip to H-town this year lasting 17 days. I usually do a 7 day trip, but this round, family time was abundant. However this trip, a number of friends had moved back to Houston, so there still wasn’t enough time to visit everyone. With so many people in town, the city became nostalgic again. A lot happened last year, it felt like the world gained so much momentum and will continue on into 2016.

The past two years I posted recountings of my life, but right now all I can think about are what happened to all my friends.

Albert passed the bar and is full fledged adult. So is Weikei, who got a job and my other brother who got his PhD. Chris graduated med school and he and Chels, got married, bought a home and live together now. Dario and Katherine got married. Brian and Carla got married and have a baby girl. Pattie and Thi bought a house and are having a baby boy. Phillip and Mari moved into a new condo together and will get married soon. Antoher Chris turned 30 and we went to vegas. Cecilia and Andy finally tied the knot. Albert and Michelle moved in together. Lu, Lea and I started yoga tuesdays and then Lu moved to San Diego for school. Lea and Trewge moved in together. Jason and Leng bought a house. Mihai and Becky started dating, broke up and got back together. Kevin and Carol broke up. So many new beginnings. So much life is being lived.

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