Ramble Post – Burning Man

IMG_0047[1]It’s time to ramble. The playa was an experience of good and bad that I will never forget. Wrapped up in all the art and frustration and tears there were also crazy dust storms and cold nights. There were also delicious meals shared by everyone at camp. It’s a wonder no one got sick. The dome was a beautiful sight to see. Bikes were everywhere. You know I would love to live in a society where bikes are the standard of transportation. The trips we took. One of many more to come but the firsts were had. I remember the dragon and it’s warm fire. The egg in the center. We tripped through the lotus temple where it smelled of inscense. A small church that seemed larger than life. A sheep where the slide started at the butthole. And had oreo resses cookies. I felt like I was melting. Wandering was a must, although is it really wandering when you’re in an enclosed space. I feel like I saw so many things many times but somethings not once. The pink unicorn car had the best house music. The deep playa felt so far and so vast. I liked the light up tree close to the man. The maze under the man was impossible. Always we were loosing friends and finding friends again. Words told us to LIVE and BE and DREAM and OK. There was a confessional, but I guess I didn’t miss anything because I have nothing to confess.  There was a typewritter and flower lights that moved to classical music. Richard and I layed under those for a happy momment before the sunrise. Atlantis had the best spot to lay and look out over the playa. more trips brought out the stars and the lights. The playa looked smooth and awake. Everything was alive. We found cotton candy and glass blowing. Artists were painting dragons and the dragons breathed. I taught yoga and everyone came to watch or take or support me. We watched so many fire dancers. Fire is so mesmerizing. PIzza was had. Laughter was everywhere. Always there was curry or ramen on the stove. Always there was alcochol. Gene looked like aladin and Phi looked like a magician. We were whoever we wanted to be or however we wanted to look. No one judged and no one cared. The heat brought many naps. Once someone gave Richard a grapefruit. I had many snowcones. Richard ate lots of Sour Patch Kids. We got a lot of sleep. The all the music and the stages and the cars were a blur. Robot Heart, Camp Question Mark, 90s music art car, Trees Art car, Sheep Art car, Disorient, the Pyramid, Kealleope, all of them. Always music. Never silence. Silence was a luxury. Solitude was a luxury. I was humbled by my own face in a mirror. Life has a way of teaching you things you should know. Parachuters were always landing on the playa. We had many places to look out onto the desert. The desert was dust. Talia could tell the bad people from the good. Ben wanted to be more comfortable with dirty talk. The Naked Rainbows were all the interaction I really needed. The Temple of Promise was just as somber at night as in the day. All the days ran together, but they also didnt. That was only pieces of Burning Man.

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