Going “Home” to Black Rock City

When you get to Black Rock City, many of it’s citizens will welcome you Home. A friend of mine explained to me that first a first time burner it might not feel like home, but when you go back, the streets are the same and the major icons are the same so it feels much like going to a familiar place.

I think what also makes it feel like home is that there is no judgement, exclusion or coldness of any kind at Burning Man. The community concept and it’s 10 princples try to make it so that you feel completely comfortable in your own skin, doing whatever you want (within the scope of social responsibility of course). Some people walk around naked. Public sexual intercourse of all genders and sexualities is normal. Most people choose to be clothed, but wear whatever they feel like. There are even themed days – Tuesday being Tutu Tuesday so that men and women alike can feel comfortable wearing tutus.

Anyway, you get the point. Burning Man tries to set up a society where you are so comfortable you feel like you are walking around naked at home. And I probably should have known, but I don’t really need to go to Burning Man to feel this way. I already feel comfortable in my own skin and don’t pay attention to what others may think of me. I don’t fear judgement and I am comfortable living within society’s norms. In this way I guess I am lucky. Others might not have this luxury and so going to Burning Man once a year is the time they need to really feel free.

While at Black Rock City, Richard and I went to a workshop that talked about bringing Burning Man home. In otherwords, how do you embody what Burning Man encourages and take it with you to the “default World”? Part of it was encouraging expression – saying what you really wanted without fear of judgement. So we went around in a circle telling strangers something we were uncomfortable saying. Richard and I both struggled to find something we didnt want to tell other people.

So in this way  we were dissapointed that we didnt feel the same magic some others might feel at Burning Man. I guess it was good to realize that we already had that part of Burning Man in our lives and that we should really be proud of ourselves for getting to a happy state of mind.



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